Improve Your Sales


We will link your company ERP with the mobileOrder solution in a shortest possible time and provide you with ordering that will be automatically transferred to your ERP.

We will further provide you with price check, shelf analysis, promotion control and point-of-sale display management.

Core features of mobileOrder are

  • Overview of clients with routing plan for sales reps
  • Ordering of goods
  • Overview of orders with reports
  • Merchandising – price check, product store availability,…
  • Fixed assets inventory record
  • Messaging and conversation with sales reps
  • Photos
  • Maps – GPS tracking


Sales reps and managers can view both their and their respective subordinates’ reports generated on the basis of data sent from PDA devices or special reports generated on server or in client’s ERP (e.g. plan and realisation).

  • Reports can be both textual and graphical (pie charts, bar charts, etc.)
  • Users can create their own reports and save them.
  • Reports are available for saving as Excel of PDF.


mobileOrder client software contains following modules of interest for merchandising:

  • Overview of clients
  • Ordering of goods and POS merchandise
  • Overview of orders with reports
  • Store check-up (positions, shelf share – availability on shelf, numeric distribution, point-of-merchandise analysis, secondary positions,…)
  • Questionnaire
  • Store classification
  • Trade Loyalty Program
  • Promotions tracking
  • Issue reporting and realisation tracking
  • Daily report on expenses
  • Fixed assets inventory record (coolers, displays, …)
  • Tracking of predefined assortment realisation in store
  • Messaging
  • Camera
  • GPS – location tracking for merchandiser

Depending on the role, (sales rep, merchandiser, regional manager, etc) users can view their activity data but also for other regions or sales reps depending on the given rights. A special application for managers provides them with overview and reports on their team activity in the field..

Merchandising / Store check

Depending on the demanded feature set, the merchandising module can be used as follows:

Along with the goods ordering: ability to collect quantities or only check the availability of product in store, with a basic set of daily reports. A sales rep can perform merchandising without leaving the main goods ordering screen.

Standalone: total merchandising solution with ability to follow up on various criteria per individual products or brands:

  • Pricing of client’s and competition products in line with the price check product-per-store matrix
  • Availability of products per store
  • Quantities of goods in stores
  • Share of shelf of a brand, sub-brand or a products compared to the competition
  • Secondary position overview and analysis (displays, …)
  • Point of purchase merchandising
  • Record of POS merchandise in store
  • Alarms can be raised when an expected rule has been thoroughly violated (e.g.: price not in line with suggested retail price for that client)
  • Devices with camera can take photos within a store accompanied with a comment


Create your own questionnaire that your sales reps will answer to:

  • At the beginning/end of each visit
  • At start/end of the business day
  • Per request

Answers to questionnaires are readily available on mobileOrder server in the form of Excel documents, static reports and BI database.

Trade Loyalty Program

  • Visits to predefined pools of stores and the assessment in accordance to the given criteria (looks, assortment,…)
  • Documenting points with photos
  • SMS texting of shop owners with assessment results
  • Ordering of presents directly from devices

Store categorisation

  • Freely define criteria for categorisation
  • Weighted criteria
  • Ability to localize store assortment on the basis of store classification

Daily report

  • Various data entry on daily activity, such as fuel consumption, daily mileage, expenses, etc. Also includes comments to the activity.
  • Ability to generate reports on the basis of individual daily reports
  • For managers: view of subordinated sales reps’ individual reports

Return of goods

  • Create requests for return of goods
  • Process of request approval
  • Automatically generate Record of return, distribution of returns to warehouses
  • Automatically create credit notes
  • Pick an actual invoice that the goods were sold upon while adding goods to the request for return
  • Add photo to the Record


  • Record of won and handed presents
  • Collecting contact data from participants in promotions
  • SMS texting of participants in promotions
  • Photos during promotions
  • Connect promotions data to sell-out data

Issue reporting and tracking – ticketing

  • Entry and classification of issue reporting
  • Forwarding to persons in charge and reminder
  • Tracking of and reporting on issue solving process

Fixed Assets Inventory

  • Fixed assets purchase orders (coolers, stands, etc.)
  • Notification of malfunction
  • List of issued fixed assets
  • Stocktaking of fixed assets is also available trough bar-code reader


  • Receiving messages from a server (group and individual messages)
  • Messaging of regional managers
  • Ability to receive messages by e-mail or sms texts.


In case a device supports the GPS technology, sales reps’ movement will be track-able on the map.


Photos can be taken during the order process if a device is equipped with a camera. Photos can be accompanied with comments and serve as a topic of conversation. Each photo is watermarked with the location and time of shooting.